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General Information (this page is under construction)

The Parents' Association which manages the Nursery School of the Italian School of Athens, operates, since 2003 with the permission of the Italian Foreign Ministry, thus recognizing the school as Italian Nursery School abroad. In 2009, the Italian Ministry gave Rate in Nursery School, describing it then Equivalent Nursery School.

Today is divided into three sections, with three classrooms for children aged 3-5 years and with a total capacity of about 50 children, increased every year.

The personnel involved in the operation of our school consists of 7 people including 4 teachers, 2 assistant teachers and 1 person for general services.

The staff is equipped with high qualifications with many years of experience, ensuring, within school jurisdictions and in the wider context of European education, promotion and dissemination of Italian language and culture, in close connection with the language and the culture of the host country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Italian Embassy of Athens, annually pays a contribution to partially cover expenses and the Italian School of Athens makes the premises and common spaces available to the Nursery School.

Since 2009 children with Greek citizenship
can also be registered, as well as citizens of Europe and beyond, if they have the necessary residence documents in Greece.

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